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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified and signed by the member states of the United Nations n 1948. It was spearheaded by then UN Human Rights Commissioner Eleanor Roosevelt. It has been translated into 359 languages. Despite the signing of this document 60 years ago this year, numerous countries continue to violate the tenets of this declaration. Until these rights are realized for us all, I hope to be a part of making our voices heard.

World Voices Project supports Every Human Has Rights campaign. an effort by The Elders that encourages people to not only know their rights , but to become part of a global online community that insists that their governments respect those rights. Clearly it is not the people, but governments, holding hands with other interests, who continue to violate human rights throughout the world on a daily basis. Become a part of the global community. Sign the Declaration! Let us speak with ONE VOICE
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