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Artistic Expressions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  in paintings and drawings by Bill Ayton.

If you feel a sense of impotence in the face of Human Rights abuses, support effective Human Rights Organizations. This is a small list.

Center for the Victims of Torture

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

A list of countries currently violating Human Rights: Countries Listed by Amnesty International.

To search the United Nation's web site for the 369 translations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

To explore the United Nations Human Rights web:

It has been brought to my attention that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not include the basic right of all human beings to clean, potable water. Without it, we die. Many people around the world are doing just that. For more information, visit the website Article 31.

As innocent co-inhabitors of this earth, animals deserve to be safe guarded from the cruelties inflicted by humans. While this web site does not focus of animal welfare rights, we cannot ignore that we are inextricably linked to everything on the planet and if we respect all beings, we're in turn respecting ourselves. I encourage you to follow your heart and act accordingly. Explore the informative web sites of the hard working Farm Sanctuary and Sea Shepherd.
For more information of a list of animal welfare groups: click here.

To read a fun article discussing the linguistic perspective on dialects by Chris Gerfen, click here.

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